Spring Health Assessment

Our team developed a lightweight solution to simplify updating and maintaining dependencies for Spring Applications. This tool collects data on user applications to identify vulnerabilities in their dependencies. It serves as a resource for our sales team to discuss with users, showcasing the state of their environments and advocating for the purchase of Application Advisor, a more complete solution for this problem space. This effort aimed to reduce the time and complexity involved in managing dependencies, thereby boosting development efficiency and enhancing the security and stability of Spring applications.
User Research | UX | Visual Design

Project Overview

My Role
Lead Designer & Researcher - User Research, UX Design, Visual Design, Prototyping
Raquel Pao PM, Alberto Calleja SWE, Tiago Fernandez SWE
2 Months
Our team developed a lightweight tool to streamline the update and maintenance of dependencies for Spring Applications by identifying vulnerabilities in their application repositories. This initiative not only simplified dependency management but also served as a valuable resource for our sales team, enabling them to illustrate the current state of user environments and promote Application Advisor, a comprehensive solution. By doing so, we aimed to significantly cut down the time and effort required in dependency management, ultimately increasing development efficiency. The outcome was a marked improvement in the security and stability of Spring applications.


Rapid Response to Team Findings
Our Spring team discovered that customers were encountering significant challenges while attempting to upgrade Spring within their applications, primarily through feedback collected from support tickets, user forums, and direct interactions during user conferences. This revelation highlighted a critical need for a solution that could alleviate these upgrade obstacles. Prompted by this insight, our team swiftly mobilized to develop and deploy a tool designed specifically to address these challenges.
Prototyping & Research
As a product designer, I collaborated closely with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within our organization to identify the most crucial data points for the Spring Health Assessment report. Our objective was clear: to craft a tool that would not only provide our sales team with a comprehensive view of the user's current environment but also demonstrate the tangible benefits of incorporating our Spring tools. These discussions focused on pinpointing vulnerabilities, outdated dependencies, and potential improvement areas, ensuring that the report would serve as a compelling argument for how our products could enhance their environment and guarantee ongoing application support. This strategic approach aimed to bridge the gap between the technical health of applications and the practical solutions our products offer, thereby driving sales by illustrating the value-add to potential customers. We honed in on our final design with by rapidly prototyping & iterating to meet our perceived needs internally, and then validating our design via user testing.
Polishing & Handoff
In the final phase of the project, we updated the design of the Spring Health Assessment tool to align with the new branding requirements after our company was acquired. We adjusted color schemes, standardized icons, and updated all visual elements for the rebrand. The design team delivered redlines and all necessary assets directly to the developers, ensuring clarity on the visual and functional updates. This process ensured a direct and efficient transition from design to deployment.


Design Implementation
Faced with a rebranding mid-project due to an acquisition, our team efficiently integrated the new company's visual identity into the Spring Health Assessment tool. By standardizing icons, aligning color schemes, and ensuring all design elements adhered to the updated branding guidelines, we successfully delivered a visually cohesive product. The design team provided developers with clear redlines and a complete set of design assets, enabling a smooth and rapid integration into the final product.
Sales Enablement
The updated Spring Health Assessment tool equipped the sales team with a powerful visual aid to demonstrate the state of potential clients' current environments. This tool not only highlighted areas for enhancement but also strategically underscored how our Spring tools could improve their systems. This approach effectively translated into increased sales, as the clear visual representation of benefits helped clients understand the value of investing in our Spring tools.

Lessons Learned

Adaptability in Rebranding
Navigating a company acquisition, our team learned the importance of flexibility in design. We effectively incorporated a new visual identity into an existing project, demonstrating that adaptability is key to maintaining project momentum and meeting new branding requirements without compromising on the project timeline.
Efficiency in Handoff
The project highlighted the significance of clear communication and detailed documentation during the handoff phase. By providing comprehensive redlines and assets to our development team, we reinforced the value of precision and attention to detail in facilitating a smooth transition and preventing delays in the development cycle.

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