API Portal Manager

Responding to user requests, we recognized the need for a central platform where users could manage and tailor their internal or customer-facing API dashboards. By collecting and analyzing user requirements, we were inspired to design a dedicated space that allows for the creation and customization of API dashboards. This initiative aimed to streamline the management process and enhance user experience by offering a more personalized and efficient way to handle API interfaces.
User Research | DevEx | UX

Project Overview

My Role
Lead Designer & Researcher - User Research, UX Design, Visual Design, Prototyping
Chris Sterling PM, Bella Bai SWE, Shruti Lyer SWE
3 Months
In response to user feedback, we identified a demand for a unified platform to easily manage and customize both internal and customer-facing API dashboards. Inspired by user requirements, we crafted a dedicated environment for creating and personalizing API dashboards. Our initiative focuses on simplifying the management of API interfaces, aiming to improve the overall user experience by providing a more efficient and tailored approach. This endeavor promises a streamlined process for users to interact with and control their API ecosystems.


We started with workshops that included internal subject matter experts (SMEs) provided crucial insights into the challenges portfolio managers encounter, laying the groundwork for our understanding. These discussions allowed us to identify our assumptions and areas of uncertainty, setting the stage for subsequent user feedback sessions to validate these assumptions and address any remaining questions.
Prototyping & Research
We developed low-fidelity prototypes to quickly bring our concepts to life, facilitating early and iterative testing. By conducting rapid internal reviews, we were able to refine our prototypes, ensuring they closely aligned with our initial flow and expectations. External testing sessions with users then provided valuable feedback, allowing us to validate our designs and understand user needs in real-world scenarios. This approach ensured that our prototypes were not only validated internally for feasibility but also externally for usability and user satisfaction.
Polishing & Handoff
We crafted redlines for our developers, ensuring every design detail was clearly communicated and aligned with our internal design language. This adherence to established standards guaranteed that our product was not only aesthetically pleasing but also consistent with the look and feel of other VMware products. By maintaining this consistency, we reinforced brand identity and ensured a seamless user experience across our ecosystem.


Streamlined Management
Our users faced several different logins to several different portals to be able to manage their API portals. With our new approach, they were able to centralize their workflows in a single space.
Brand = Happiness
Our users were thrilled with the ability to repackage our API portals with their own brand identity. This was a long held user request for us that we were happy to be able to deliver on.

Lessons Learned

Popular Features
We were able to field some long standing user requests with this solution, generating a lot of positive user feedback. Sometimes it's nice to include a popular feature in the roadmap.
Focused User Testing
Prioritizing user testing from early stages provided us with actionable insights that significantly informed our development process. This hands-on feedback was invaluable in creating a user interface that was intuitive and met the practical needs of our end-users.

The Design